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Originally Posted by Halton Home Inspector View Post
Checking the size of the furnace and knowing what the size it should be based on the size of the home is standard with all my new home warranty inspections.
I'm not sure who you hired but he or she should have checked that. Some builders, like the biggest builder in my area, tend to install the smallest possible furnaces while other builders install furnaces that are well sized for the homes and are big enough so the AC can work well.
Yes, it's too bad, but the more time which passed after the inspection the more things I have noticed were missed. This issue still isn't resolved, but I have heard the builder is going to have an independent party investigate the issue. After that I need to talk with Tarion to figure out how they will test the furnace, because there is no problem with balancing etc, the problems are that when it was low -20's on January 19th, the furnace couldn't get the temp above 19 and that if the temp is below zero it takes 30-90 minutes to raise the temp inside by .5 degrees. -15 outside, wake up at 0700, inside temp is 17, it will be 20 by about 1300 or later if I turn up the thermostat. I have a hard time believing the system is supposed to be that slow and I've found no one who thinks it should be. All independent people I've talked to said the furnace is undersized, but unfortunately the builder is choosing to drag this out as along as they can. I would never recommend a new build in Ontario to anyone after this experience.
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