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Originally Posted by koolk23 View Post
I like the idea of self monitoring as well. However, my only issue/concern with Ring is that it is a cloud based system and I am unclear how effective it will be for notifications if the wi-fi signal drops or if there is no Internet. I have searched high and low for a non-Internet dependent self monitored system but have yet to find a good solution. I don't mind paying for cell backup for notifications.
So keep in mind, in new neighbourhoods, they are no longer running copper for telephone. It's all fibre. So the old school alarm systems that depend on phone lines are still dependent on your fibre connection to be up & running (e.g. power to the box that receives & splits your connection to TV, phone and internet)

With internet systems there are 3 potential sources of outages

1. Your power goes out. Maybe 2-3 times a year here in Ottawa. You can buy a UPS (APC 1000VA is what I have). If all you plug in is your modem/wifi router, you will get 6-10 hours backup (since these devices use very little power).

2. Your internet goes out. Never has happened to me (Bell Fibe - 2017 neighbourhood). However you can buy something like this and get LTE backup for $10 a month. Nest Secure only uses 10mb of data a month. Of course if you want cameras still recording it uses a lot more data.

3. The provider of your security system goes down. With Nest it has gone down 2-3 times in the past year. The longest outage was ~30 minutes, but usually its no more than 5 minutes. I don't have Ring, but reading the Ring reddit - it looks like they have also had a few outages and people do complain of slow performance quite regularly. Unfortunately not much you can do to mitigate this.

If your house wasn't wired for multiple wifi hotspots (in some new houses phone lines are wired with the same cable used for network devices) get a Google Wifi kit or Netgear Orbi kit to make sure you have adequate wifi coverage.
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