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Originally Posted by rdx View Post
Thanks for the info. By doing this, I can keep my existing home phone number and also use the 416 number in Upper Thornhill Hill. I guess I just need to convert the regular landline I am currently using into IP phone maybe 1-2 months before I move, and move it along with me to the new house, right?
Exactly. Don't forget to do it a month or so before you move, and DON'T call and cancel with Bell. If you do that, they lock up the number, and you can't "port" it to the VoIP company.

Originally Posted by rdx View Post
But, can I use the IP phone for the security system? I heard some home security system companies require landline to install their system.
That's different with all the different VoIP companies. We, for example say in our FAQ that alarms may or may not work, and that we can't really help you. In fact, over 90% of alarms work fine, but the 10% that do not are so difficult to figure out, we'd rather say we don't know.

Another option is to get a VoIP line this way, and get a normal Bell line for the alarm and second phone line type stuff. That way you can keep the 416 line for most things, but still have a second line. I'm not sure it's worth the extra 40$, but ymmv.

Or, just try it with VoIP, and see how it goes.
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