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Originally Posted by Meth View Post
wow . . . lol. Hi swerve, I guess if you firm up on 158, you would be our direct neighbour. We bought on 157, so its nice to know that I got neighbours on both sides now. 156 is going to be a Kent model I believe (a young family from what I remember being told). I tell ya, what a small world.
Ah yes! We asked them which model was going next to our reserved lot. I know now I just have to get someone to buy 159. so we get grass and less mud faster. I like the fact that the park is a short walk over to Montmere (sp?). I hope there will be some young families with kids (we have 2, little ones).

One of my concerns is public transit ... I hope there will be a bus out that way in a years time (work downtown).

I am really thinking we are going to firm up, I am getting more and more excitied. Thanks everyone!!
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