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Default finishing basement with builder's insulation and electrical wiring

Hi all, I'm going to have my basement finished this summer. I had a contractor come over for an estimate and he said two things that I wasn't expecting:

1. the walls have been insulated. All the builder did was wrap the walls with the insulation and cover it with vapor barrier. the contractor said he will have to remove it all, put the wall studs and then put insulation between the walls studs. I was surprised to hear that, but then I thought about it and it makes sense because you can't put wall studs over top the insulation. This is normal right? he also said the vapor barrier goes between the foundation and the insulation. no vapor barrier overtop the insulation. is this correct? I know on the main floor and top floor there is vapor barrier overtop the insulation.

2. the electrician will be removing all the wiring in the basement and put his own. is this normal practice?
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