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Hi all, I have an update here about the insulation and i'm confused. I had a company over and they said they leave the insulation as is. they do the framing infront of the insulation. they don't press down on the insulation. the insulation only takes up about 3 inches anyways, so we aren't loosing much space. In fact, he said that the building code in has changed about 2 years ago. the building code now says that the insulation on all floors has to be continuous insulation like in a basement instead of having the wall studs and insulation in between the studs. is this true? I don't see how because when building a house, you need wall studs to hold up the wall board. so then would they put continuous insulation on the wall studs leaving empty spaces between the wall studs? And then you have to put up another set of wall studs to secure the drywall on? isn't that a lot of wasted space?

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