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Originally Posted by BrianT View Post
I had a bit of an accident and about three gallons of water ended up all over my kitchen floor. Water went down the hole for the dishwasher plug to the basement and I don't recall if the plug is directly on the floor or not. Breaker is off right now.

Does anyone have pics of the power plug that Tamarack installs for the dishwasher?

I don't have pictures, but I just installed mine so I can tell you where it was in my new house. The top of the dishwasher cable/plug, when plugged into the bottom of the two sockets, was just below the 6-inch mark as measured from the finished floor. I know this because it was just the amount of clearance I needed in order to fit in the recessed area in the back of the dishwasher. So that definitely keeps the outlet itself a few inches off the floor.

Really sorry to hear about the water... what happened?
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