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Originally Posted by BartBandy View Post
Structurally, that ain't right, but you probably know that.

You can't load a steel beam like that.

Is the steel beam engaging the joists above? Joists seem to come from both sides of the 3-2x12 built-up wood beam, so I assume the steel beam is, at best, engaging only one set of joists.

The way I would do it is first check that the steel beam is up to the job, and is properly supported itself. If all that checks out, then I would build up blocking between the wood beam and the web of the steel beam and laminate them together with through bolts to prevent twisting of either. You want them deflecting together and operating as a system, not individually. And not with stupid little block on top of the bottom flange.
I do know that it is not right, That tends to be the norm on a lot of the things I am finding. Now I am working on fixing as much as i can so it is right before I move on with the rest of the renovation.

The whole thing started with changing a light fixture, the original plan was to lay down some carpet and call it a day for a few years which snowballed into this complete gut.

I plan to stay here forever so it will be worth the work in the end when the kids have somewhere nice to play.

Now I just need to finish demo, clean and start the repairs so I can move on to the rebuild.
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