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Canabiz -

I think that condo towns CAN be a good deal if the fees are right.

For example: We actually own a terrace home right now and the condo fees are $98 per month. For us that's a pretty good deal because it includes maintenace, insurance, and water - so we save almost enough in other areas to cover the fees and we have no work on the exterior of our home - I personally don't see this as a deterant at all.

However, if your fees only include snow removal I'm not sure what the benifit of living on private street would be when you can buy a freehold town and let the city cover the cost of maintaing the roads.

That being said I have a friend with a town and his "common area fees" are only $30 a month - to me this would not be a deterant if the house was right. But at $60 a month I'm not so sure...
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