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Originally Posted by LakesideB View Post
I have a 17 x 11 room (Family room) thats on the first floor which I want to convert into a dedicated home theater room. I also have a small 10X11 room (Bedroom 3) on the other end of the house
I'm confused here. The images you attached show a 17x11 family room on the second floor along with the bedroom 3.

Also, if you have all your components in another room at the other end of the house, you will need to go there to drop your DVD in and then go back to the other room to watch it.

As for cabling, anything can be done post drywall, but some drywall may have to be broken to pull wire down from the attic. It's also more difficult on exterior walls that have insulation and vapour barrier, and more difficult again if the roof pitch will not allow you to drill through the top plate.

Redirecting IR is not a problem. I use Russound SafIR redirectors.

If you would like to get into the details of all this, please contact me directly, and we'll design something for you.
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