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Cat7 is over killed IMO. I did some research into this close to a year ago, and ended up choosing Cat 6 instead. First, the cost is very high; upgrading to Cat6 only costs us 30$ per wire. Cat 7 is bulkier and costs a lot more. Second, you are unlikely to have equipment and devices that support Cat 7 speed today, and you unlikely will do in the future. Router/switch that deals with 10Gbps or above consumes lots of power and generate lots of heat. There are a few new specs that support 3GB and 5 GB over Cat 5 I believe; with Cat 6, you get higher speed that Cat 5 with those specs.

We put two RJ45 jacks in the great room, 2 in the office, and 1 in each bed room.

We also thought of getting 1 out in the front and 1 out in the back for security cameras. However after talking with Orbital people, we shelved that idea. It costs couple hundred bucks to run each line. And according to Orbital people, for security camera, they recommend 1 in each corner; that means 4 wires. We cheapened out and not doing it.
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