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Default pdi

Make sure anything you see that is damaged or you do not feel is right is written on the pdi. Our PDI inspectors tried to down play and talk us out of documenting things on our PDI. Ours was a smooth talker - wanted to talk about anything but our house.
It is your PDI make sure you have everything on it or don't sign it. Also don't be rushed - ours tried to rush us. It took us about 2 1/2 hrs and we still we re not done - so we documented on the pdi what we didn't look at - as he was pushing us out the door. We found the time it took was really around how many issues you saw - Im sure some are quicker I have read positive things about your builder - Im sure yours will go smoother than ours

We spoke to a few home inspectors before hand and they said they usually do 30 day or 1 year inspection not PDI's.
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