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Will do RFD.

I setup a URL for the new site, and have everything ready to go, but I'm still thinking about hitting the "go live" switch. I've got two young kids, a full time job, I'm taking a University course part-time and a tech blog on the go. I'm not sure I have the time and/or energy to invest in the basement blog.

I'm about a third of the way done the framing and I can already think of about 50 articles to write that I don't currently have time for. Framing tips (always be mindful of where the drywall will attach!), subfloor selection, workspace prep, layout ideas, permit drawings etc....

Like you said, each post would only be useful with lots of pictures as well.

The idea isn't dead. Maybe when school is over in April or maybe if I could enlist some guest bloggers, but that would be tough given that it's about MY basement.
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