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Default Crestron - Moving AV components to basement

Was at the Princess Margaret Showhome and they had a really nice setup for the TVs around the house.

The home was being served by Bell sat. and there were no digital receivers at the TV locations. In the basement there was a rack and inside, so far as I could make out through the tinted glass door, was a Bell digital receiver and some other components by Crestron. I'm not sure what components they were and couldn't get a close look as the rack was locked up. Behind and entering the rack (coming down from the ceiling) was a massive bundle of blue network cable (cat6?).

If I wanted to move my digital sat receiver and Apple TV (or any HDMI component) to the basement and still have full remote control at the TV what would that require, besides a network run, in terms of Crestron products or another manufacturer? (without breaking the bank )

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