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Default WTF??? Do you really build 'sound' homes this way

We managed to walk around our 'new Sundial house' the other day in preparation of moving in this summer and couldn't help but notice that in at least 12+ places they used 2x4 studs for framing that had almost been 90% cut through prior to use/placement in the framing.

Now just to give you some idea of what I am talking about...we walked around the place and noticed quite quickly on the second floor that at least 12+ studs that were used had been almost 90% cut through and then (regardless of the fact they had been circular sawed almost completely in two) used anyway. And to make matters worse (better?) they decided (in their infinite wisdom) to use 2x2 studs to "support" the faulty 2x4 studs by 'bracing' the crappy 2x4's with 2x2's screwed into the sides.

Now here is my question...

If you cut a 2x4 stud/beam almost 90% of the way through (thus, arguably, compromising the structural integrity of the stud) and are sitting there contemplating what to do to correct the you (as an ethical/honest/skilled business person)...

A) replace the stud entirely with a new beam/stud of wood...because after all this is $450K+ house and it pretty much calls for it...or

B) do you decide to leave the almost fully shorn/cut studs intact with only some 2x2 beams that you uncerimoniously screwed in to try and support the structural poor studs used?



You be the judge.

Look at the pic's attached...and decide if they should have left these studs in at all. They were somehow cut and almost 90% split and the rocket scientists at Sundial decided to use them anyway so long as they supported them with 2x2 'splints'.

Not to mention that the wood seems to be crap anyway...and the bottom of some beams are already split in addition to the 'newly splinted' studs.

I mean...really...


For a $450+K's 'bout you use a new piece of wood????
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