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Default Apple and photostream

Sometimes I hate Apple because it doesn't behave as you would expect it to or how it's supposed to.

I cannot delete the photostream photos from the Apple TV or in the photostream folder. Every time I delete the photos they keep re-appearing in the photostream folder and on the Apple TV.

I've tried:

1. Deleted the photos from the photostream folder on the PC (they are supposed to be deleted from the iOS devices)

2. Deleted all of the photostream photos on the iphone and turned off photostream

3. Turned off photostream in the local iCloud control panel on PC and signed out of icloud.

4. Turned off photostream in Apple TV and signed out.

When I sign back in (on icloud control panel or Apple TV) and turn photostream on, the pics at first are gone, but start re-appearing within a few seconds.

There used to be a reset photostream option in icloud by clicking on your name and advanced. "Advanced" is no longer an option. All I see is Notifications.

What am I missing?
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