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Originally Posted by Mark & Lynda View Post
It's not required to be centered for a regular hood fan which is how the builder installed it.

For a chimney style it is required, however, depends what the agreement was with the builder.

We installed an chimney hood aftermarket (not builder installed) but because of the custom/built in appliances we worked with the builder to get everything in the right spot, and supplied them with complete mechanical drawings and installation instructions for each appliance. In the case of the chimney hood it clearly showed the size and location of vent pipe as well as location of the wall outlet/wiring.

They had us initial each page and it was part of the contract so that there couldn't be any misunderstanding.

I still measured everything during the framing walkthrough to make sure everything was in the right spot. Easier to fix something then than to point out something later that the builder did wrong.

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