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Default Home Inspection Recommendations


We just had our pre-frame walk through and noticed that where a nook missing in the living room. They instead were planning to make the area flush with the fireplace.

I had emailed the builder to create this nook citing an identical model as mine along with pictures as proof.

They had created it but now the depth is total different between the two home. Ours is 9 inches whereas the other home is 16 inches. Normally I would not care but as the cable/satellite boxes are placed here, we are now left in a situation where the boxes stick out a good 2 inches past the wall.

I have replied to the builder and the have advised that its due to limitations of our home and asked if we want to go back to no nook or leave it as is and if we wanted, schedule a walk through.

I would like everyone's opinion on how I should proceed with this. Should I bring along an inspector or do I have any recourse? That leaves me with the impression that there may be other issues with the home which I may be unaware of.

Thank you!
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