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Originally Posted by julianna22 View Post
We agreed with builder that they will not cover the stairs in the house with any stain. Now we have a question, what stain/paint we should use, oil or water base. Does anybody know how long the oil based stain should dry before we can use stairs, how big is the difference. If you had to choose what you choose: water base or oil base? What is better....I am lost trying to find the answer....
If you are short on time, then use water based, it dries faster for both, stain & varnish. You can also use oil varnish with water based stain.
Oil stain dries longer, approx. 12 hours. You are not supposed to use the stairs before the first coat of varnish is applied & dry. All together, approx. 24-36 hours.
Oil varnish is more durable & preferred on oil stains. From experience, oil stains cover nicer.
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