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Default Lot 6L

if you see us around as well, we drive both a black sierra truck or a silver terrain suv.

not sure if you had structure appt but garage door was 1500$ and gas line to backyard for BBQ was 600$. just to get different handles for the kitchen is 1000$ (NOT A JOKE)...we looked into putting the cabinets higher in the bathroom (1000$ each), kitchen upgrades are thousands of dollars, through the roof. no exaggeration. we didn't do many because the prices are outrageous although we have the money saved. my husband is a carpenter therefore we can do the work for 3/4 the price. keep in mind builders make all their money on extras. their standard options for bath tile SUCK and the hardwood and ceramics are pretty good which takes away most of the issues. the kitchen cabinets quality can be improved but again not a huge deal, the color selection is good. most of the stuff is cosmetic and not worth getting AT All...stuff like extra cable outlets (150$ each) central vac rough in is something to not walk away from because it's kind of "structural" issues. they are going to try and sell you big time but dont fall for it. in order for us to make sure we had an electric outlet at a certain spot for the tv, they were charging us 170$ + HST, we almost lost well hire someone to come in after and do it for FREE or atleast half the price if you may not know an electrician. the least you can get from them is better unless it's structural or along those lines...good luck with everything...oh another thing, if you can stain your hardwood stairs yourself, DO IT..they charge 2000$ to stain your hardwood if you pick something other than natural oak cause they have to match it to the color you picked...RIDICULOUS
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