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A home inspection is a visual examination of the primary systems and components of a home. The intent is to identify deficiencies that left uncorrected, could affect the health and safety of the home's occupants, or could result in significant cost to the homeowner. Professional inspectors follow standards that have requirements for items to inspect as well as requirements for reporting. The inspection is not technically exhaustive, which is another way of saying that the inspection is not intended to find all possible defects that currently exist or may become apparent at some point in the future. This is analagous to visiting your doctor for a examination. The doctor will follow a procedure for visual examination that is non-invasive. However, the examination is not an assurance that all possible things wrong have been found, and that you will not have a problem becomes apparent after you walk out of the office. A home inspection looks at the home in context of a snapshot in time, looks at aspects that are accessible, and is non-invasive. On my website, you will find my contract, which you would be required to review and sign before I proceed with an inspection. You will also find the Standards I follow and you can verify my professional qualifications.

For the first part of your question:
No, an inspection does not carry a guarantee.

For the second part of your question:
Provided the inspector follows prescribed Standards of Practice for home inspections, the inspector should not be missing a lot of major deficiencies. If a client feels that the inspector has missed deficiencies due to negligence, then the recourse is to file a complaint with the inspector's professional association. In some cases, legal action may be a recourse if negligence has resulted in significant physical or financial injury to the home owner.
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