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I actually had built a house with Empire in the Wyndfield subdivision phase 1 as my first home. It was a Magnolia model and I had TONS of problems. Had to get Tarion involved and took about 3 weeks off work to deal with Empires people doing fixes etc... and they never finished everything. There was no trap installed in the ensuite bath tub so I was getting sewer gas smell, leaking windows, moldy cold cellar, both bath tubs were damaged and water didn't flow towards drains and many other minor things.

Everything did get fixed eventually but the house was just not built well. That being said I do have several friends in the same subdivision that are quite happy with their houses. I would consider them a lower end builder for the Wyndfield subdivision. My fiance and I are building a new home now (not with Empire) and we went into the model homes a few weeks ago to get some decorating ideas for the new house and we found sloped floors (I did the "mike holmes golf ball test" with my fiances lip balm and it wasn't good lol) and the floors were very squeaky.

I personally would never buy from Empire again, I was not happy with the service nor the quality of the build. When I compare them to our new builder it is night and day. It may be different between builder subdivisions however. I was in an Empire home in Cambridge that seemed quite nice.
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