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I wasn't aware of that, because 2 of the windows with broken seals, I can only see fog or ice on them intermittently. I'll research if there is a way to make bad windows fog.

Yes, I understand they wouldn't find minor defects, but I did expect they would find air infiltration which is enough to cause ice build up on joists and vapor barrier with their infrared camera.

2 hours may have been enough time because there was 2 of them, but it seems like one of them wasn't doing all they could have been when we were following the other one outside. We had thought they would have been walking around the entire house with their infrared camera while we were outside, but that was obviously not that case given the large drafts missed and other defects missed which our amateur eye caught later. I contacted them about this and other issues and they only offered to come back at an hourly rate.

Hopefully there is no damage happening in the areas where there is no sealant because they wrapped like you described. I'm going to call Tarion though to see if there is any way they can be forced to apply sealant now, because it can be done and our house is not able to get above 19 degrees when the temp falls to -22 - -25 and even with the milder temperatures yesterday it takes 1 hour for the furnace to raise the temp by 1 degree. They are coming to look at the furnace tomorrow, but I think the furnace and ductwork is fine, there are just so many drafts that the house cannot heat properly.

Thank you for your insights. I respect your opinions, you're valuable to this forum.
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