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Originally Posted by shirink View Post
We are expecting our new home to be built and ready for closing for the 26th of November 2012. We are currently preparing our house for sale and trying to decide if we should attempt to sell our house ourselves (Grapevine) or go with a real estate agent. Any recommendations?

We have never sold a house on our own. So, this will be our first if we do. We don't have much experience selling a house. Should we try selling our house ourself first and if it doesn't work out then list with an agent?

What's the going rate for a real estate agent these days?

So since you're in the Ottawa area, I suggest you list with GrapeVine since that's the main Ottawa private sales channel.

My neighbour attempted to sell with ComFree, and the paid extra money to have their listing placed on mls. At the same time, the listing is also placed on OREB (Ottawa) or TREB (Toronto) since this is the site that real estate agents actually look at for homes. For some reason their posting was put on TREB instead of OREB, which attributed to the fact the hardly had any showings. Not sure if that was something they made the mistake of doing, or was an issue with ComFree. Anyway they tried that for a month or so, then they went with a real estate agent and sold the same day.

I read somewhere that selling on your own, you have to be patient since it may take up to 2 months to sell. When we sell next year, I think I`m going to put it up on Grapevine first, then if that doesn`t work out after 2 months or so, we`ll probably hire an agent.
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