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Originally Posted by good2know View Post
I beleive your permit will be based on $11 per $1000 of value which is $40/sq ft x the sqft.

The $40 needs confirmation.

I have seen the dropped ceiling tracks go rusty in bathrooms. Suggest a high quality fan > 100cf to minimize this risk.

Permit fees cover inspections. Electrical is separate and in addition.
Ok. I'll check with the city to confirm everything anyway.

I'll keep that in mind about the fan!

Coming back to the Lowes card, which card would I be asking for exactly? Do I need to have a company name to qualify for this? Are there minimum $$ orders to get the 15% off like you mentioned? Do they email you the monthly deals? Sorry for all the questions I just want to go in this week and look like I know what I'm there for and avoid getting the run-around.
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