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Originally Posted by ajaxm View Post
Hi all, been awhile since I've posted. I have an appointment for tomorrow .. contemplating if I should go. I was interested in the 45 foot lots but just got an email saying they're all sold out. Anyone have the 45 ft price lists?
I don't have the 45s pricelist, but you may want to wait for phase 2 (that will be on north side of Taunton). You may be paying a bit more (because of price increase). But in the current market situation, the builder will not be jacking up as crazy as months before.

I think this site will have some hydro towers running nearby and also the TransCanada pipeline. Not that I am saying those are "awful", but I think the north side will be nicer and have more nicer 45s. If you intend this to be a long term home for yourself and your family, it makes more sense to get something better with a bit more money today and just live through the next few RE cycles.

If its a rental investment or 5 years profit sale, then pick up anything without obvious impact (ie T-intersection, poor layout, back against major roads) In that case, buying at this site's lowest price point should still allow you to sell it back out at an affordable price point for the next group of buyers.
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