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I bought new in Phase 8 in Riverside South, a single Richcraft home. We bought early in our phase. The dirty roads are a nuisance, constant construction traffic, it's not ideal, but it's really not too bad.

I came here to really give a thumbs up to Richcraft - they have been beyond excellent in terms of post-purchase customer service. When I email them to do something, or ask a question, if it's a weekday (regular business hours), I get a response within 10 minutes - EVERY TIME. I honestly don't even know how they do it...

They have provided zero resistance, always airing on the side of caution and over-fixing things rather than questioning me, it is truly unbelievable customer service. How many times these days can someone actually say that? They book their own workers or contractors to fix work promptly, always show up on time, etc. I have had nothing but a great experience with them and strongly recommend them to anyone considering buying new.

Good luck with your purchase either way!
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