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For resale value, it has been my observation that once homes are over 2-3yrs old, there doesn't seem to be a difference in how they're marketed on the resale market. So if you are planning on living in the home for a number of years first I don't think there will be much difference in resale value. The advantage then becomes the lot size, floorplan, and/or location.

Other things to ponder:
- Can you wait 12-24mo to move in to the new build? And can you afford to carry the deposit amount for that long?
- Can you live through the dust and construction traffic?
- Do you have the available vacation days to meet every trade known to man at your house for their deficiency repairs? (For example - I have had over 2 dozen daytime appointments at my house for repairs in the first year and a half we owned)
- How important is picking out all the colors and finishes yourself?
- How much work do you want to have after you move in? New builds require curtains, rods, blinds, garage door openers, all sorts of random things. Older homes might need new paint or other maintenance repairs.

As for builders, I can only speak to Tartan as we haven't built with the others. We are happy with the look of the home and the inclusions. The design center is well laid out with plenty of options, and I found their upgrade prices reasonable (for a builder). Our home had the typical problems you get with contractors and sub-contractors moving as fast as they can...spotty work here and there. What has been the most disappointing thing about Tartan is their customer service. You will need to be prepared to fight for repairs to be done properly - I believe that they rely on homeowners becoming apathetic about repairs and then anxiously await the Tarion deadlines to come and go so they are off the hook. Ultimately, if a Tartan home has the location, layout, lot and price you are looking for, go for it....just go in with both eyes open.
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