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Originally Posted by cocacola View Post
and how about HST from design selection upgrades? design selection upgrades were not included in the base price. am I eligible to get HST rebate for design selection upgrades? or simply, I don't pay HST for design selection upgrades??
I may have been misleading when I said that you are eligible for the rebate. As others have said, normally you assign the rebate to your builder. But if the base price of your home costs under $400K then you should not be paying full HST on any extras (design center included) up to the $400K mark. Once you reach the $400K mark then you pay full HST on any extras.

The net effect is that on anything, including any extras or design center purchases, you should only pay 2% on the first $400K for your home. You will then pay 8% HST on anything over $400K.

This should all be laid out in your purchase agreement. The math should be done in there and should be revised when you add any extras.
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