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Interlock sidewalks are fine.

Here's an example -

The by-law rarely gets enforced until someone decides to call by-law.

I think most people who buy a row townhome or semi-detached home are aware of the parking constraints that are associated with a smaller lot. That said, a minority of people will plead ignorance to not knowing they only have 2 or 3 spots (total) to park and figure they own the street space in front of their home as well.

If it really becomes an eyesore (I've seen some older communities where a homeowner has chosen to pave their entire front lawn) your neighbours can likely call by-law on it.

good2know, interesting point about the Mattamy Widelots. Not sure how Mattamy got around. Potentially because the front of the house has no driveway at all? (You're thinking of the homes with garages in the back with decks above them, right?

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