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lets say you have a 1 amp device and that it is the only thing plugged into a 15 amp circuit?

what happens - nothing

you have a toaster or kettle that runs fine on a 15 amp circuit ... you move to a new house and plug it into new style kitchen plugs at 20 amps - nothing goes wrong

your house is filled with plugged in devices that draw less current than the circuit rating

current is pulled by the device, not pushed by the breaker ... so the stove will not overheat

these systems are set up so that devices on a circuit can NOT pull more current than the wire is rated for - which would cause things to overheat

the stove will be fine - if there is a short, it will trip the breaker

what you can not do is put a 30 amp breaker on wire rated for 15 amps as one example
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