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Hi all, it's been awhile. To answer your question about the lawyer, Jeremy.
Can't remember the name of the firm that we went to, but I got thier flyer in the salesoffice. They are on Fredrick St. in Kitchener, the lawyer that we have there acually bought a house there in WildFlowers too. I think the fee is in the $1000 area for every thing, and they are also providing a service where they will pay the transfer tax, if you agree to sign the cheque over to them, if your a 1st time home buyer.

They dug the hole in our lot last week, and I'm sure that alot will happen in a short time. It's amazing that it's less than 4 months now.

One downside for me, I got a hydro box in front of my place, well it's really a grate on the boulvard. Well less grass to cut!

I wouldn't worry too much about them not cutting out the window Jeremy, maybe they are leaving it till as late as posible, maybe the wind comes from that direction.

I've heard about that group on FB awhile ago Amanda, I don't go there myself as I don't really use FB other than to put up Picture to share with family. I can't remember my password.
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