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Talking Did you buy a Tamarack in Kingston? How do you like it?

My wife and I just purchased our second new home. Our first was purchased through a relatively small builder in Kingston and it was great. Aside from one weird paint spot on the wall that they never came back to fix, the house was perfect. Having said that, we started to outgrow it over the years.

We have recently purchased a Tamarack home and the experience has been a little different. While there have been no major problems to speak of, there are several signs of, lets say, speedy workmanship.

Just curious to compare some experiences with other, longer term Tamarack buyers. Did they fix everything to your satisfaction, did you have any issues? What would you change? Did anything blow you away?

I know the Ottawa boards are lively but I think it's time to get this Kingston board up and running with more than a handful of posts!

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