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The sales staff are excellent and so are the follow-up service people. If you do have any issues they take them seriously and fix them within a reasonable amount of time.

Having said that I have a few tips if you're interested. If you are able to keep an eye on your house during the construction phase, make sure that they do a good job bringing the main water line into your house. We have a pretty shoddy display in our basement of a blue pex pipe coming out of the floor on an angle and then the water meter just hanging there from it with no support. Luckily I know a few tradesmen and a friend has agreed to help me tidy it up a bit and put a proper ball valve on the connection.

Also, during your framing walkthrough check that all walls are square. We have the "Bristol" model and in our front entrance there is a wall that is badly out of square. I didn't notice it during the walkthrough but once they put the ceramic tile down - wow, pretty bad. Same issue on a small jut out near our main tub. Just look for plumb and square everywhere.

Also, pay close attention to your sub floor. Make sure there aren't huge bumps or ruts because you will feel them even after the carpet goes on.

Good luck!
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