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We have a Bristol and here are a few tips I can think of. At least, things we'd do over if we had the chance.

1) In the office the light switch is located immediately to the right when you walk in - at least in our plans. This is great, but there are double doors in the office. If you open both of them, the door on the right completely covers the light switch. I'd put the switch on the left-hand side beyond where the open door will cover it.

2) Reinforce the laundry room floor. For whatever reason, the engineered beams are really "springy". Reinforcing the floor will help prevent vibrations. Might be a good idea to use some sound proof insulation around the room too. Noise wise we've found it to be okay, but I've never been in the adjoining bedroom while the washer is spinning so it may be something worth looking into.

3) In the master bedroom there are two lights: one in the centre of the room and one in the little hall between the master and ensuite and they're both controlled by one switch. If you have any intention of adding a ceiling fan later on it may be a good idea to have a dedicated switch for each light - otherwise, as I found out, you have to choose between the fan running at night or the use of the extra light. We just took the bulb out of the hall light. no big deal but...

Otherwise, I'd have to say they did a pretty good job with switch placement.

4) If she is going with a microwave/range hood, have Tamarack put a proper cabinet above the stove. The cabinet they install by default is not as deep as the other cabinets as the vent for the fan runs behind the cabinet rather than through the cabinet. This leaves very little structure for the microwave to grab on to. Our installer said he's done installing these units in Tamarack homes until they put proper cabinets up there.
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