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Default Lot 6L - Forsyth Cr

Our firm closing date was supposed to be July 9th but have a feeling it won't be until end of July or maybe mid to late August..We too bought Oct 2010....Got closing dates for Nov 2011 and then March 2012..Russ said today on the phone that they are putting in the sewars for the townhouses and then can't do our foundation until that is over as that side of the street requires pumps because of the grading. He said it will be delaying our move in date. And yes, the site is moving therefore he said in 2 weeks hell have the exact date of when they'll be starting to dig and break ground for foundation...Hopefully there isn't much of a delay...We've been renting far too long when we sold early because we got asking price...We are getting frustrated, no one seems to know anything or tell us the truth....We too did several upgrades but must say we are NOT pleased with the builder's customer service and how things are run. VERY expensive for absolutely no reason at all. Our first home was built as well by Pratt and the upgrades for Fernbrook were basics for Pratt...If anyone knows the reputation for Pratt, you will know that is a SHOCKER...Anyone else have any insight on information to share???
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