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no we lucked out big time on our appliances...we went to appliance canada in march and they had a huge sale on whirlpool appliances so we got a really good rebate on the kitchen appliances and we scored basically a 2 for 1 deal on the samsung washer/dryer front loaders (the cadillac of all washer/dryers)....we put some of our own money in upgrades before this 7500$ but now there isn't one thing left ot upgrade...if there is, it's not worth it...we himmed and hawwwed, have to be realistic that this is just semi-detached and wont get all our $$$ back if we put too much....and we dont plan on being there forever either....we drive by all the time as well, we walk in all the far, only one of the guys told us to get out...the others are pretty cool...we didn't put drawers in the cabinets, it's pointless...everyone has baskets anyway so it's a complete waste of money...we've built before and we know that builders make all their money on upgrades and just rip people off lol so anything more to do after we move in will be us...we chose to not stain the stairs too cause 2000$ if RIDICULOUS and it's easy to do.....
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