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Default How to share Internet between apartments on different floors in a building?

Hello, Family Member A lives on the 5th floor and has the following set up

- Teksavvy DSL 15Mbps Internet
- TP-LINK AC1750 router

Family Member B lives on the 4th floor (not directly underneath Family Member A but not too far off) and would like to piggyback Internet from Family Member A. This is what I have done to help them out but it seems I have run into a wall (pun intended)

1. While inside Family Member B's apartment on the 4th floor, I was able to pick up Family Member A's SSID. I checked the speed and it was about 0.3 Mbps for download and pretty much nothing for upload. Too slow to do anything like or streaming

2. I borrowed a NetGear extender from a buddy and placed it close to the primary access point (TP-LINK AC1750) with the intention of extending the wireless signal. I did not see/pick up the SSID_extender downstairs so the extender was a moot point.

3. I bought a cheap Asus router as a test (Asus RT-n66U), put it in repeater mode and placed in Family Member B's apartment. It saw the primary access point but was not able to maintain any connection.

Do you think Google Wifi/Orbi/eero Wifi System works better for this scenario or should I upgrade the primary access point to something stronger?

Running an Ethernet cable out the window from the 5th floor then along the wall and back into the apartment on the 4th floor is not really an option as the apartments are not on the same side.

Thanks in advance!
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