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Originally Posted by canabiz View Post
2. I borrowed a NetGear extender from a buddy and placed it close to the primary access point (TP-LINK AC1750) with the intention of extending the wireless signal. I did not see/pick up the SSID_extender downstairs so the extender was a moot poInt.
Why would you place it near the primary and not at a wall nearest to the other apartment? Or try putting it in the other appartment near the wall closest to the primary (it may be able to pick up the signal better then a cell phone if that's what you used). Or one extender in each appartment at the walls closest to each other. Or, if you know someone well in an appartment between the two you can ask if they can plug it in in their appartment.

Some extenders are better than others. But going through concrete you will have a hard time getting a strong signal.
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