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I went through the construction performance guide 3rd edition and found there are some minor wording differences and 3.18 is now 3.19, but the only new point which include PDI in the description is:


Laminate flooring is made up of individual layers (wood particles/paste) pressed and bonded together, with an image on the surface of the substrate or underlying core layer. If the environmental conditions are too humid, the laminate flooring may expand causing the laminate strips to lift up (bulge upwards) in one or more areas in the room.

The homeowner has a responsibility to maintain indoor humidity levels through humidification, ventilation, air conditioning or dehumidification to prevent permanent, irreversible damage. A hygrometer can be used to monitor indoor humidity levels. Laminate flooring shall be installed to accommodate normal expansion and contraction.
Slight variations in colour and/or pattern are to be expected when making repairs.
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