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Default Tarion: How to confirm the work has been done

We are concerned about the builder patching up defeciciencies and poor workmanship in conditions where you cannot confirm they have actually fixed the problem. I'm unclear on what we can do to try and protect ourselves in these circumstances. I'll give a couple of specific examples:

Seasonal items - exterior caulking

From my understanding, you have until Oct 1st to report if seasonal deficiencies were not fixed correctly.

Our builder apparently ran out of sealant while doing our exterior, so a good portion of the vents are not sealed (caulked) at all, the front entry way has had the sealant separate at the bottom and a large front window has no sealant at the bottom of the frame and it has separated on the top. This creates a lot of drafts, but apparently the builder doesn't have to fix these issues until it's seasonal to do so and we have to deal with the many issues this poor work ethic causes.

My question is, how do we know they have fixed these properly leaks properly, because when they do this in summer, it won't be so easy to see ice, condensation or feel cold drafts.


Some of our windows have failed with condensation appearing between panes. The window company was going to replace one, but the one they brought was already failing before putting it in. You could see the condensation and ice between the panes because it was a cold day when they delivered it. Like above, if they fix these issues which cannot be so easily detected when it's not cold, how can we confirm they are actually replacing our defective windows with ones which are not?

One thing we know for sure is we cannot rely on our builder acting ethically, so I am seeking advice on what measures we could take or options we have because it seems like with Tarion, once the problem is "fixed" you're on your own. Maybe I am missing something?
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