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Thanks for the kind words.

Ive never used a thermal camera so Im not sure how well they work in warm weather say 18 to 20 degrees. There may not be enough temperature differential to show up.

Even a tiny tiny hole will allow enough cold air through to condense or freeze on the inside. In a basement wall assembly there are many possible infiltration spots - too many to visually inspect. Almost impossible to see little holes and gaps.

For any new house we will go around with a roll of house wrap tape and tape up every hole and seam leak we can find. Cold temperatures make this easy.

What is very troubling is the 1 hr 1 degree. There are 2 key aspects - how many btu your furnace can produce, and the fan speed. Ask them to check air flow at the vents, and balance things for you.

Good luck ... very frustrating having these issues.
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