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Originally Posted by oakvillehomeowner View Post
Stupid question - have you checked your attic insulation? No question that 40K btu is probably undersized, but if the attic is also lacking insulation that may make things worse.
Actually, I did ask that stupid question and it was low. It was a good .5" low in the best case and up to 3.5" low, not to mention there was a large area of compressed insulation where it seems someone was walking around at some point. So they blew in enough to top it up, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference to our ability to heat the house up in what I would think is acceptable.

For example, even though it's a nice day today, when I left the house at 0600 I changed the thermostat from 17 - 18 so it wouldn't be so cold for the other members of the family when they got up and it said 1hr 30mins to heat up even though the outside temp was +2. I really hope Tarion will not find this acceptable, because it seems like the builder does.
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