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Originally Posted by a_lucky View Post
I recently submitted my 1-year form and noted a few shingles have fallen off my roof which are visible from my window. The builder came and said this is an act of God and not covered. Is this true? I would think they fell due to poor workmanship or they were not installed properly. What are my options?
First - this builder is a moron. Over all my years doing new construction warranty inspections I have never heard this lame excuse for this issue when in fact the only act of God was some wind.

UNLESS,, your home was in the area where the recent tornado was in the Ottawa area.

When installed, shingles need time, especially a hot summer to seal down and until that happens shingles are vulnerable to blow off. The cheap 3 tab shingles are the most vulnerable to blow off.

This is not likely a poor workmanship issue, it's more likely a cheap shingle issue and there are no rule preventing builders from using lower cost products.

It may be that the builder has a whole lot of homes with missing shingles and has thrown up their hands.

Like usual - Tarion rules are not helpful and provide excuses for the builders.

Your approach should be to dismiss the builders lame excuse and tell them that there has been no unusual "Act of God" or excessively strong wind storm that could have caused this problem.

Construction Performance Guidelines 5.7


Acceptable Performance/Condition Roof shingles shall be installed according to the Building Code and the manufacturer’s specifications.

Warranty One-Year - Work and Materials  Damage resulting from acts of God is not covered by the statutory warranty.

Action Roof shingles not meeting the acceptable performance shall be repaired.

Remarks Severe weather and wind gusts can sometimes exceed the design limitations of the shingles. Different shingle types and materials have varying abilities to resist these forces.
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