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Question regarding flooring.
I attended a relatives PDI/PDO this week. They have installed laminate flooring. When you walk across main floor mostly dinning room you feel soft spot and the floor is uneven. You visually can not see this but you can for sure feel it, you feel like you are going slightly up and down as you cross it. I laid one of the unused boards over it and you can see a gap. the gap is not big. But for sure floor is uneven in this area. The home owner had to push the builder rep to add it to the PDO list, as they would not state their opinion on floor either way. It was added by builder rep to PDO as "homeowner feels floor is uneven" I have looked at the tarion guidelines for uneven floors and it is pretty vague in my opinion. It does talk about a 6mm variance. Two questions: how do I measure for that? and if floor is left this way does will more issue with the floor develop in time?
thanks in advance

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