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Hello, smartsexystylish.
Love your handle!

It's so great to hear from someone!!
Guess what?? I purchased a Hillcrest also! It is an elevation B though.

Did you get any major structural changes when you signed the contract? I added the fireplace in the livingroom.

I can hardly wait until they open the Design Center in Cambridge. I am looking forward to seeing what my choices are going to be.

Have you found the blog that the Mattamy community in Milton have going? It is great information about upgrades, walkthroughs, procedures, things to think of before meeting Mattamy design personnel etc. It would be great if we could get something like that going for the Millpond Community. It would be a bit more specific to our situation. Here is the website if you haven't come across it yet and would like to take a look :

I guess it is a waiting game right now. Mattamy is busy selling their large lots and haven't time to get the Center opened and running yet. Let me know if you hear from them and I'll do the same.

What street will you be on? I am on the right hand side of Callaway.
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