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Originally Posted by Jessica&Justin View Post
Hello. My fiance and I recently purchased our first house and were contacted by a man claiming to be from Enbridge. After him stating he needed to see our bill and such, we ended up signed up for Summit Energy. It was approved two days ago and when I called today to find out if we were actually signed up for it, and we were, I requested to cancel. The man told me the penalty to cancel will be anywhere from $100-$1000. I told him we wouldn't be paying that as we did not agree to this and he said to get a lawyer.

I had noticed in past forums from 2007 and 2008 there are members who have had this run-in with the door to door salesman and was curious about what everybody did to stop their 'contract' from happening. I saw one post from someone saying once you receive your written agreement you have (10) days to cancel - how come this guy didn't tell me that on the phone??

Please - if anyone has any information that can help us let us know!
Might be a hassle, but something worth fighting for! I had a guy show up at my folks place today and try to sell me the same BS! I quickly ushered him away and said she wasnt interested as I do at my place.
Now you know going forward to never show these door to door Salesman clowns any of your bills as without that they got nothing. We argued with a guy for like 10 minutes as he continuously asked for our bill and I basically politely told him to piss off! He kept going on saying I wanna see if they are charging you for services you dont use. Basically anything to see the bill! I kindly told him to see his way down the street and havent seen him since.But these Salesman are ruthless. My friend got duped to the tune of a 5 year contract with them for gas at 47 cents a cubic metre when we are at like 23 now!
Dont ever deal with these people! They are out to rob you blind and make a fortune of you!
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