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I lived in the West end growing up, moved to the East end when we purchased our first home, and moved back to the west end about 6 months ago.

There's a similar thread on this forum that I responded to a little while ago.

The east end is a lovely part of town and the subdivision (Greenwood Park) has great walking paths, a school (soon to be 2), and you really can't ask for a better neighbourhood setting.

However, I found there weren't a lot of amenities. There's a pizza place (one), a restaurant (one), and a grocery store (one), but that's about it. If you need to mail a package, shop at a home improvement store or visit a Best Buy, you're going to be heading to the west end.

I also found the commute to be getting pretty bad. I've moved to the west end which is about 5km further, but my commute time is about the same. If your not familiar with the area there's basically 2 roads that lead to the east end. A one lane bridge and the 401 - so it's pretty congested.
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