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Originally Posted by Juglans View Post
Hey y- 201,
I agree with you that builder is charging around 535 k for same square feet house but keep in mind ppl want to do upgrades of their choice mostly instead of paying 40 k more on upgrades already done.
And secondly u can not get the price of upgrades back when reselling mostly except for some specific upgrades which r popular.But if u already spent 40 k u cant get it all back.

And if u check the current market ,yeah i can say u can make money in milton on west end on a house preconstruction sometimes but in brampton its be realistic when selling and check mls for same square footage of houses too.
No offence but just giving my two opinion here.
But may be u never know ...its possible ur house has all upgrades which a buyer is looking for and sometimes the house really shows perfect...u can sell it for tht price then i cant say anything specifically with out having a look at ur place...but i was talking in general for tht area....
Best of luck with ur sale!

Thanks for your input but this blog is set up for who is interested in buying not for discussion over if the price is right or wrong. So, it would be highly appreciated if you post ONLY if your interested in the house!
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