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Thanks rjr.

I have bought the Rosecroft model (3000 sq feet) > 43 Foot Lot

Standard deposit structure > $30K in 5 months (they may be flexible on the timeline of the payment if you can negotiate)

Current Incentives > $10K in upgrades & $2500 in upgrade bonus for referrals. (Both the involved parties in the referral get the bonus if the purchase goes through.. and hence my post here )

My closing date is 2014 Dec .. yes its a long time away but I prefer it that way as I am presently in a newer home and this will hopefully give me some time to build some much needed equity in my present home.

Most of the closings depending on the lot are from Summer 2013 to late 2014.

Homes definitely have a price advantage over the tribute site.. but main draw was the area being close to UoIT/Durham college, 407 extension and they have approved a commercial Rio Can center at the intersection of Winchester & Simcoe (Right next to the site)..

Did not find too much info about Minto low rise build quality but I am hoping it would be good. Let me know if any more info is required as I have done a lot of homework on it lol

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